Tuesday 21 January 2020

Focus on downsizing: Bert and Annie Moran - 'We just had to do it at our age'

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"We had a farmhouse with a couple of acres of land overlooking the sea," says Bert Moran. "A very pretty place but reality has to dawn. If you wanted to go buy milk, you'd to get in the car."

His wife Annie agrees. "We realised we had to do it at our age. If we stayed a lot longer, it would be too late." They knew exactly what they were looking for. "It had to be within walking distance of everywhere," explains Bert. "And it also had to be easy to keep." They bought a small terraced house in Skibbereen.

"It's easier to warm. The car sometimes never moves for three days outside the door. You're saving money all round on heat and petrol." It wasn't a huge change in terms of their social network; they had lived about 15km away.

"Everybody here knows everybody within 30 miles anyway."

"We had two acres," explains Annie, who is 64, her husband is 78. "Thirty years ago, it wasn't a huge problem to maintain the trees, the house and the land. Now, you know, we're not climbing up trees any more."

"It was a very pretty place," Bert continues. "But you get a leak here, a leak there, you start calling on people to do jobs and it's very expensive. You've got to take the bull by the horns."

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