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Fix it up: An unorthodox mid-terrace in Westport, Co Mayo


4 McBride Terrace in Westport

4 McBride Terrace in Westport

Interior view of No4

Interior view of No4


4 McBride Terrace in Westport

What is it?

This house at 4 McBride Terrace in Westport is five minutes walk from The Octagon and the centre of one of Ireland’s prettiest towns.

Tell me more about the place...

You’ll rarely find a house with such an unusual internal configuration. It has its bath tub plumbed in on the upstairs landing, there’s a bedroom downstairs and a Stanley range/stove parked in the living room. Unoccupied for many years, the house was built in the early 20th century and measures just 635 sq ft. It has three bedrooms, a living room, a downstairs bedroom, a small galley kitchen, a lean-to utility, and a wc upstairs. There’s also a rear yard.

The good news?

This house is right bang in the festive Mayo town which is always lively, particularly in the summer months. While no surveys have been done, there are no telltale whiffs of damp and outwardly the roof and structure look solid, despite the ragged decor. It’s also very, very affordable and could be just the thing for a priced-out couple. There’s enough room to extend at the back and because the back yard isn’t closed off, like some other properties, there’s private parking here via the lane.


Interior view of No4

Interior view of No4

Interior view of No4

And the bad news?

Some big-style reconfiguration required and you still won’t shake the need for a bathroom downstairs. The lean-to will need to be knocked, a modern kitchen and living extension will be required with a new bathroom, also rewiring, replumbing, full insulation, a new bathroom, new kitchen, heating, plastering and the lovely sash windows will either have to be restored or replaced, either at great expense.

How much to buy it?

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The asking price is just €120,000

And to fix it up?

You’ll need to spend almost as much again, €100,000 is likely required.

What will I end up with?

For €220,000 a central A-rated starter family home of character in wonderful Westport.

Who do I talk to?

Joanne O’Toole of Tuohy O’Toole (098) 28000 will ensure you don’t trip over the tub at the top of the stairs.

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