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Fix it up: A stripped-out period residence in Donnybrook, D4


27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook

27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook

27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook

27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook


27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook

What is it? A three-bed period house at 27 Belmont Avenue on the corner of Eden Road is located at the village end of Donnybrook, in Dublin 4. A receiver sale, the property has been stripped out for a full refurb and is ready to work on.

Tell me more about the place...

This Avenue was originally known as Coldblow Lane and linked the Coldblow estate to the village. This house is among those constructed between 1890 and 1920 for the emerging middle classes. It has much of its period joinery intact.

The good news?

It's been stripped out to reveal all and a nasty lean-to kitchen and bathroom extension has been knocked and cleared. It has a 50-foot garden and side access. Dublin 4 is Dublin's most prestigious address. The walls seem solid. Some estimate that the roof is OK.

And the bad news?

And some say the roof should be replaced at this point rather than later, along with the floors and windows. There are no bathrooms or kitchen. Some damp, it needs rewiring, replumbing, replastering. The key chimney pieces are gone.

How much to buy it?

The price is €550k but lots of interest here.

And to fix it up?

Going for broke, with a new roof, new floors and a modern kitchen/dining/living extension out back, you're looking at little change from €500k. Consider that the frontage is protected.

What will I end up with?

A modernised period home in Dublin's best address and worth in excess of €1.2m.

Who do I talk to?

Peter Fahy of Quillsen (01) 4995050 will assist before the likely bidding Donnybrook erupts.

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