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Vogue mini copper saucepan, €21.99,
Vogue mini copper saucepan, €21.99,
Teh de buyer 3.3l saucepan

Aisli Madden

For hundreds of years, copper pots and pans have been a stunning symbol of a high-end professional kitchen. Copper instantly responds to changes in temperature and this thermal conductivity ensures an even distribution of heat, so everything gets cooked consistently and evenly. Energy is saved as cooking times are decreased.

The downside is that copper requires more TLC than standard stainless steel. It is easily tarnished and if not maintained properly, heat conductivity can suffer. This can be easily prevented by regularly using my very own copper cleaner.

You will need:

• Table salt

• Plain flour

• Vinegar

• Lemon

• Rock salt

• Organic unrefined coconut oil

• 2 x clean cloths


1. Mix 1tsp plain salt, 1tbsp flour and enough vinegar to make a thick paste.

2. Rub the paste onto the copper surface with your fingers then let dry completely.

3. Wash the paste off with warm soapy water.

4. Halve a lemon and sprinkle the cut side with 2tsp rock salt, and then rub it over the copper.

5. Buff with clean soft cloth.

6. For extra shine, rub a thin layer of organic unrefined coconut oil onto copper, and buff again with a clean soft cloth in a circular motion.

Copper pots are best bought direct from a catering suppliers. At 90mm in diameter, this dainty pan is perfect for poaching an egg, and is an affordable way to start your collection. Meanwhile, this large 3.3l saucepan would hold its own in any five-star restaurant. Both are available from

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