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Our houses are screaming for a spring clean

Our houses are screaming for a spring clean

Our houses are screaming for a spring clean

As the days get brighter and lingering winter dust becomes more visible to the discerning eye, we can literally see our homes are screaming out for a spring clean. Follow my Top 10 Spring-cleaning Tips - the results are worth the effort!

1. Don't put it on the long finger. The stress of an impending spring clean is always worse than the job itself! Take time to plan and organise. Box off a weekend and involve your family. Most kids enjoy family activities, especially if there are prizes or incentives.

2. De-clutter before you spring clean. Use this time to unclog your home of unwanted and unused items. Create three piles: 1) re-sell/charity 2) rags, and 3) rubbish. Clean items then bag and label clearly.

3. There are hundreds of charities in Ireland that can benefit from your old stuff, Irish Cancer Society, St Vincent de Paul and The Jacket Off Your Back, to name but a few. Many charity shops accept bags of rags for textile recycling but it's advisable to check in with them prior to delivering.

4. Teach older children the value of money by introducing them to e-commerce. Help them earn their own pocket money by selling online. Show them how to take pictures and write descriptions, and then carefully oversee their online sales. Strict supervision is recommended.

5. Dust before vacuuming. When dusting, start from the highest point in a room and move down, so all the dust stirred up can be vacuumed at the end.

6. Don't forget the walls! Rubber band a microfibre cloth to the end of your sweeping brush and sweep walls top to bottom before vacuuming.

7. Don't forget to clean your extractor fan and replace the filter.

8. Freshen up carpets and upholstery by sprinkling with baking soda prior to vacuuming.

9. Use non-toxic natural cleaning products, or try making your own. If you must use bleach, use sparingly and wear a mask.

10. Practise mindfulness while doing your chores, you will accomplish a more thorough spring clean, and feel great after.


If you don't have the time to make your own cleaning solutions, Irish brand Malones has the next best thing. Their non-toxic products are made from all-natural ingredients and hold their own, pricewise. Available to buy in most supermarkets and at malonescleaning.ie.

Aisli Madden is the presenter of RTÉ's Domestic Divas

@AisliMadden @Buddabugzz

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