Saturday 24 March 2018

Dermot Bannon reveals the biggest mistake Irish people make when it comes to designing their homes

Dermot Bannon photgraphed by Marc O'Sullivan for House
Dermot Bannon photgraphed by Marc O'Sullivan for House
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Architect Dermot Bannon has said the biggest mistake a person can make when designing their home is to ignore their surroundings during the planning stage.

The Room to Improve star said many homeowners get "caught up in the magazine pages" and ignore what their property has to offer, which he said is one of the biggest design faux pas.

"Ignoring what's around them is the biggest mistake someone can make. That comes from sunlight, that comes from an amazing view. It's the things that the site or your building offers up to you. People can get too caught up in the magazine pages and what's on the inside and trying to recreate that. That for me is like someone who goes into the shop and asks to buy what's on the mannequin without truly understanding what they look like or what would suit them."

The RTE star said another mistake home owners make is to try to recreate homes that they've seen on television or in magazines, without considering their own needs. Bannon admitted that design plans are not cookie cutter, and he often has to say no to people who want to replicate the exact homes seen on RTE's Room to Improve.

"One of the things that does irritate me is when people ring the office the day after a show has been on and they'll say 'Can I have the set of plans that you did for such and such' and I have to say no because the reason that that house works is because it is specifically for that couple, or that family or that site.

"If you want something good you have to apply it to you, your needs, your family, what you need from your life. Replicating a plan is like taking a segment out of a book and putting it into another book, it doesn't make sense.

Designer Jo Hamilton at House. Picture: Colin O'Riordan
Designer Jo Hamilton at House. Picture: Colin O'Riordan

"The whole reason for designing your home, it's not all about creating something that looks nice on the outside, but it should be deeper than that. It should be a deeper connection with the site, it should be a deeper connection with the family or the person's needs."

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Bannon was speaking at INM interior event, House 2017, which takes place this weekend in Dublin's RDS. The architect says he loves being a part of events like House because they act as inspiration.

"I definitely find inspiration at events like this. It's like porn for anyone who is interested in a house. It's great to see what's out there on the market. I find that House is different to other exhibitions in the fact that it's very much based on craft and design as opposed to just products.

"For me, every stand has someone who is passionate about what they do. I know a lot of these guys here for the last ten, 20, 30 years and I know how hard they've worked. It's a great opportunity for the general public to see the smaller guys who are actually making stuff and it is a real Aladdin's cave here and I love being at it and I love being a part of it."

Dermot Bannon will take to the Inspiration stage at House 2017 tomorrow from 11:30-12:30 and from 1:30-2:30.

For more information and for tickets, please visit here.

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