Friday 24 November 2017

Ask Marie Staunton: What can I use on my roses to get rid of green fly?

Marie Staunton

I mix up a concoction of two cloves of garlic, two cups of water and two tablespoons of washing-up liquid – whizz it up in a food processor and strain it into a little sprayer for use on roses and tomatoes.

It worked really well on the tomato plants a few weeks ago, so I'm looking forward to the same results for my roses.

You can, of course, use something like Rose Clear, which will also tackle the blackspot.

I used to squash the greenfly on the buds when I saw the little blighters, but when they get out of hand you need to be a bit more forceful.

I have a Clematis montana that came into flower late this year – is it still right to cut it back after flowering, even though it will be towards the end of June?

Everything came into flower a bit late because of the long, drawn-out cold spring. Thankfully, we are playing catch-up now with a nice bit of weather of late.

Even though some plants were a bit late into flower, prune them as you normally would.

With Clematis montana varieties, tidy up all the faded flowering stems and remove any old or damaged wood.

For very overgrown plants, you can take them back quite hard to keep them in check.

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