Saturday 18 January 2020

Ask Marie: I have so many dandelions in the grass this year – will a feed and weed get rid of them?

Marie Staunton

You can spot-treat them with a translocated herbicide but your back might not thank you, so it's best to use a weed and feed. You might end up having to water the garden if it doesn't rain after you apply it, but it should do the job on the pesky dandelions.

Can I take cuttings of my camellia now?

You can start around June/July – the plant should be growing lots of foliage and you should be able to get lots of propagation material.

One of the main reasons that cuttings fail to root is the choice of material, so choose only healthy shoots and dip the cut end into a hormone rooting powder.

Fill a tray with a mix of sand and peat, or peat substitute, and water well, then insert the cuttings and firm in. Cover the tray of cuttings with some polythene and place in a shaded part of the glasshouse.

If you don't have a mini propagator, be patient and they will eventually root for you.

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