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177,000 own multiple properties

AROUND 100 people in Ireland each own 200 or more properties, new data released by the Revenue Commissioners reveals.

The figures show there are 177,000 people living here who are multiple property owners.

While the majority of these, some 67.8pc, are people with just two properties, others own considerably more.

The data shows:

* About 100 people have ownership of 201 or more properties;

* A similar number own between 101 and 200 properties;

* Around 200 people own between 51 and 100 properties;

* Some 900 people own between 21 and 50 properties;

* 2,300 people are the owners of between 11 and 20 properties;

* 8,100 people own between six and 10 properties;

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* There are 45,300 people who own between three and five properties;

* 119,900 people own two properties.

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