Thursday 21 November 2019

Trends in gardening

From being environmentally conscious to solutions for small gardens, expert designer Lorna Gannon discusses what's popular right now

Lorna Gannon
Lorna Gannon

Lorna Gannon has years of experience in garden design and has worked with clients all over the world. According to her, trends vary from country-to-country.

"Each country is influenced by climate, culture and tradition. The wonderful thing about Ireland is we have an innate connection with the land, even in an urban environment.

"One thing that we're seeing more of at the moment is an environmentally friendly approach to gardening. People want their space to look nice, but they also have concern for things like the decline of the bee population. I'm also including compost heaps and bins into garden designs, which never used to happen!"

Smaller spaces

Many urban living arrangements don't have the space to incorporate large garden designs and Lorna explains that many people are trying to overcome this obstacle.

"In urban situations, people are turning towards ideas like vertical gardening. This is a great way to combat space issues and allows you to grow herbs and some vegetables, even in a confined space.

"This interest in growing food is also very popular at the moment. Whether it's an elaborate, beautifully decorated vegetable potager or just some herbs, people are getting more and more into producing food in their garden."

A community trend

Collective growing is another popular trend in gardening, especially in more urban areas. This is when there is an unused space that, with the right permission, is transformed into a community garden.

"These gardens are in an area centred around the community," explains Lorna. "People share their knowledge of gardening, and for young families especially it can be a great day out.

"It is especially beneficial for young children to get involved in these garden spaces. It's a real bonus for them to grow up with an understanding of where their food comes from.

"These gardens are also a great way for people who have never grown anything in their lives to get started. Beginners can wander down and feed off of the expertise of more seasoned gardeners, giving them the confidence to go it alone."

XLorna updates her website,, regularly with information and tips on garden design. You can also contact Lorna ,via her website, if you would advice for your own garden.

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