Friday 15 November 2019

Fix it up: The very last house in Dublin for under €100,000

No 24 Rutland Cottages
No 24 Rutland Cottages
Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

What is it? A mid Victorian cottage at 24 Rutland Cottages in Dublin 1 is the very last house available for sale for under €100,000 in Dublin. The rarity factor means this property has run up over 30,000 views in just a few days on and, which must be something of a record.

Tell me more about the place...

Located in the heart of the city centre near Summerhill, Buckingham Street, Rutland Street and Sean MacDermott Street, it measures 334 sq ft with a small yard to the rear. At the moment it is essentially one open plan room with a fireplace and a bathroom.

The good news?

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You won't get a cheaper house than this in the capital. It's within a few minute's walk of Connolly Station and the IFSC. It's stripped out so it's easy to see what needs doing. Connected to electrics and water. The size makes it a cheap restoration option.

And the bad news?

You're buying three walls and the ground given that the back wall of the house looks perished. The roof too is compromised and will likely need work, if not replacing. Rewiring, remplumbing.

How much to buy it?

The asking price is €85k and while it's likely to go for higher, the agent is confident it won't go over €100k.

And to fix it up?

€60,000 max if need to bring in a builder.

What will I end up with?

For about €150k a pad of character for a single.

Who do I talk to?

Ronan Crinion of Movehome (01) 884 4690 is holding the last viewing today.

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