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Fix it up: A long empty semi-detached in Swords, Co Dublin


The house at 16 Rivervalley Drive in Swords

The house at 16 Rivervalley Drive in Swords

The house at 16 Rivervalley Drive in Swords

What is it? A three-bed semi with an extension at the rear at 16 Rivervalley Drive in Swords, Co Dublin which is in need of lots of cosmetic work.

Tell me more about the place...

This is an executor sale, the owner passed away and it has been unoccupied for almost five years now.

The good news?

As a standard family home in a settled and mature estate, it has already been extended at the rear and the presence of a garage offers further opportunities to enlarge the living space further. Most issues here are superficial.

And the bad news?

Houses need people living in them to ventilate and to keep mildew staining at bay. Paint peels, plaster cracks, varnish flakes. Needs a new kitchen and windows but almost all its problems are caused by simple airtight vacancy over a long period. Easily fixed but lots to do.

How much to buy it?

The agents wants €330,000.

And to fix it up?

Although reports of completed surveys have not been received, most of the work here does seem to be decorative. Around €80,000 spent would do it well and might get the garage conversion.

What will I end up with?

A solid family home near the sea and the airport.

Who do I talk to?

Eoghan Keenan of Sherry FitzGerald (01) 890 0944 will open those windows.

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