Sunday 20 January 2019

Fix it up: A home/office layout in D4


The exterior of 66 Haddington Road
The exterior of 66 Haddington Road
The house needs to be totally reconfigured
Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

What is it?   A period two over ground floor level home at 66 Haddington Road in Ballsbridge, D4 spanning 2,024sq ft. 

Tell me more about the place...  

The owner has moved abroad. He rented out the garden level for residential use, ran his business from the entrance floor (now an office space) and lived on the top floor. 

The good news? 

Next door has converted theirs into a top-end private home with a reconfiguration and the addition of a two-storey extension to the rear - so some precedent has been set for planning. If you want a work/home mix, here it is. 

And the bad news?  

The house needs to be totally reconfigured inside, it has no heating and no proper insulation. The job is a substantial project and could take a year to complete. 

How much to buy it?  

The asking price is €1m. 

And to fix it up?  

The reconfiguration, upgrade and extension will cost an additional €500k to €700k depending on speed. 

What will I end up with?  

For €1.7m outlay, you get  a top-end trophy home in D4 likely to be worth in the order of €2.1m. 

Who do I talk to?  

Simon Madigan at Youngs (01) 4975581                                                                     

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