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Fantasy home: The Walden House, Colorado: US$29m


The Walden House, Colorado

The Walden House, Colorado

The Walden House, Colorado

Henry David Thoreau's novel Walden is a reflection on simple living in natural surroundings as a means to fostering personal growth and spiritual discovery, inspired by his experiences living in a remote cabin near Walden Pond.

The Walden House in West Lake Creek in Colorado's Vail Valley (known for its fantastic skiing) may take its name from Thoreau's book, but architect Annabelle Selldorf's creation is more 'work of art in house form' than a simple cabin in the woods.

Right now, it looks like an idyllic place of retreat from a world in crisis. Set on a relatively flat 70-acre site on Whiskey Ridge, it is surrounded by dramatic scenery.

The seven-bed, nine-bathroom house runs to 977sqm and, aside from a three-storey bedroom tower, all the accommodation is on one level, with a separate glass-encased cabana housing a pool and gym.

The pond with its floating dock and dock-gazebo is used for fishing in summer and ice-skating in winter.

The nearest neighbour is half an hour's drive away.

Another 105 acres with a guest house also designed by Selldorf and a barn can be included for a total of $44.5m.

Agent: IconicHomesLA.com

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