Monday 23 October 2017

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Eggshell planters
Eggshell planters

Aisli Madden

Eggshell planters - This simple project will give anyone green fingers by re-purposing kitchen waste and growing something from scratch.

Eggshells are made up almost entirely of calcium carbonate, a superfood for plants, so the planter doubles up as plant food.

You will need:

Organic free-range eggshells

Egg carton

Potting soil & spoon



Seeds of your choice

1. Crack the top of the egg carefully with a sharp knife, to empty out the egg.

2. Rinse the eggshells with cold water, then place in boiling water for a minute to kill off any lingering bacteria.

3. Using a pin, add a drainage hole (approx. 2mm diameter) to the base of shell, taking care not to crack the whole shell. 4. Using a teaspoon,

half fill the eggshell with moist potting soil.

5. Add seeds and plant according to sowing guidelines on seeds packet.

6. Cover the seeds with more moist potting soil.

7. Add a teaspoon of water to each shell every three days. Be careful not to over water.

8. Place in egg carton and keep in a warm room with lots of light.

9. When a stem and some leaves have sprouted, transport to garden bed.

10. Gently crush the shell then place in soil; the cracked shell will allow the roots space to grow, and will gradually decompose, adding calcium and nutrients to the soil.

TIP: Use any leftover shells to make an amazing powdered fertiliser. Prepare the eggshells as above, allow them to dry thoroughly then whizz in the blender until they are turned into a fine powder. This powder can be used for all kind of plants in your garden, or indoors.

Plant in style This inexpensive hanging planter is not only chic, it is a perfect way to add some greenery to smaller patio areas or apartment balconies.

Aisli Madden is the presenter of RTÉ’s Domestic Divas @AisliMadden @Buddabugzz

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