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'Bloom offers something for all the family'


Paul and Orla Woods from the Kilmurray Nursery Wexford

Paul and Orla Woods from the Kilmurray Nursery Wexford

Nick Bradshaw / Gary O'Neill

Paul and Orla Woods from the Kilmurray Nursery Wexford

Orla and Paul Woods run the award-winning Kilmurry Nursery in Gorey, Co Wexford and, last year, designed the popular Mrs Brown's Boys concept garden, ahead of the movie's Irish premiere. We asked Orla for her thoughts on Bloom.

What are the best things about the Bloom event?

The bringing together of all that is wonderful in the Irish horticultural industry and the opportunity to showcase Irish talent. To most, Bloom is the singular most important event in our year. The displays in the Nursery and Floral Marquee are a wonderful opportunity to see plants arranged in a way that can be replicated at home. The Association of Irish Floral Artists section is simply stunning.

Was planning the concept garden around the Mrs Brown's Boys film hard to do?

As a huge fan, coming up with the idea was easy, but building it was more difficult. The garden outside the popular kitchen set has not been seen before and we needed the public to relate to it as something their Granny - or even themselves - would have had outside their own house in Dublin.

Why do you think Bloom has managed to stay so popular?

The setting is amazing; it's right in the centre of Dublin and it offers something for all the family. The free shuttle bus service is a wonderful facility. Bloom also offers great value for money.

Are you surprised at the high standards in the Super Garden Competition?

A lot of people coming into the horticultural industry have already worked in other industries so they are bringing interesting ideas into the show, and the passion and enthusiasm is wonderful to see.

What are you most looking forward to?

We are exhibiting in the Floral and Nursery Pavilion and also in the Plant Village. We are recreating a cottage garden within the marquee to showcase some of the new and interesting varieties that are being grown in our nursery.

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