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Bloom 2015 Show Gardens

Garden designers Anthony Ryan and Kieran Dunne.
Garden designers Anthony Ryan and Kieran Dunne.
The Santa Rita Moments garden at Bloom.
Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin Garden.
Ingrid Swan's Sculpture Garden.
Jane McCorkell designed the Our Origin Was Green garden.
Our Origin Was Green, designed by Jane McCorkell.
Lorely Forrester, who designed the Yeats Secret Garden in Sligo.
Ingrid Swan and Ruth Liddle.
Breffni McGeough.
The GOAL garden at Bloom.
Niall Maxwell designed the Pieta House - Darkness Into Light garden.
The Pieta House - Darkness Into Light garden for the Bloom Festival.
Joan Mallon, who designed the GOAL Garden, with Alan Smyth.

A round-up of the show gardens to see at Bloom.

Large Gardens (5)

1. Yeats Secret Garden in Sligo is sponsored by Glen Dimplex and designed by Lorely Forrester (Concept)

2. Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin Garden, brought to you by Kildare Growers, designed by Anthony Ryan with Kieran Dunne

3. Our Origin Is Green, sponsored by Savills and designed by Jane McCorkell

4. Santa Rita - The Moment Is Yours, sponsored by Santa Rita Wines and designed by Ingrid Swan

5. Sculpture At The Boatyard, designed by Ingrid Swan and Ruth Liddle (Concept)

Medium Gardens (13)

6. Saison, sponsored by White Label Brewing Company and designed by Breffni McGeough

7. A Contemporary Expression, designed by Declan McKenna

8. Super Garden Winner 2015, sponsored by Woodies and Cuprinol (designer revealed at show opening)

9. The GOAL Garden - What you call a slum, I call a home!, sponsored by GOAL designed by Joan Mallon (Concept)

10. The PAN Garden, sponsored by PAN and designed by Liat and Oliver Schurmann

11. Specsavers Wonderful Awakening, sponsored by Specsavers and designed by Karen Butler

12. The Solus Garden of Light, sponsored by Solus and designed by Alan Rudden

13. The Pieta House Garden - Darkness into Light, sponsored by Pieta House and designed by Niall Maxwell

14. Freddy Buttons Garden, sponsored by Glenisk and designed by Fiona Dillon and Outside Options

15. Irish Country Magazine Garden, designed by Fiann Ó Nualláin and Lisa Kelly

16. Ronald McDonald House Garden, sponsored by Dawn Meats and designed by Anthony Ryan (Concept)

17. Atlantic Youth Trust, designed by Annmarie Bowring (Concept)

18. Footfall, sponsored by John West and designed by Hugh Ryan (Concept)

Small Gardens (7)

19. Beauty Full, designed by Fiann Ó Nualláin

20. Beech Park Gardens, sponsored by Fingal County Council and ITB Blanchardstown and designed by Gemma Carr

21. Connect, sponsored by Schram Plants and designed by Karen Butler

22. Urban Oasis, designed by Nathalie Markiefka of Blackrock Further Education Institute

23. Cetriz Summer, sponsored by Cetriz and designed by Christopher Byrne (Concept)

24. Calor's Coast Garden, sponsored by Calor and designed Dawn Aston (Concept)

25. Water in the Air designed by Tünde Szentesi (Concept)

The show garden area is extending every year, and, according to Bord Bia this year visitors will enjoy 25 stunning show gardens designed by the country's most talented designers.

Experienced designers such as Jane McCorkell, Dawn Aston, Liat and Oliver Schurmann, and Fiann O Nualláin, will be joined by lots of new Bloom designers. Organisations and charities such as Pieta House, the Ronald McDonald House, GOAL, The Atlantic Youth Trust, ITB Blanchardstown and Fingal County Council have also teamed up with garden designers to create gardens with powerful messages around social and cultural issues. Amongst the large, medium and small gardens will be an assortment of design styles and something to please all tastes.

For the third time, Bloom will host a number of 'Postcard Gardens' designed and constructed by passionate amateur gardeners. These provide an opportunity for garden clubs and societies nationwide to demonstrate their abilities and to inspire other non-professional gardeners to experience the joys and benefits of gardening.

Large Gardens

Yeats Secret Garden in Sligo

Sponsored by Glen Dimplex and designed by Lorely Forrester


A celebration of Yeats's love of nature through his poetry, this garden is part of the 2015 celebration of WB Yeats, and is based on his well-known poem 'The Lake Isle of Innisfree'. The garden creates the private bolthole in his beloved Sligo that Yeats imagined while living in smoggy, grey London. In a clearing on the wooded island, with water lapping on the nearby shore, Yeats has built himself a small cabin amongst the trees and wildflowers, and this is where he escapes to write and be at peace. This garden - representing a piece of unspoiled Sligo - includes a large area of fresh water and will contain a portion of Yeats's cabin. This will be constructed in the traditional manner by Niall Millar, using wattle and daub. There will be several artworks in the garden specially commissioned from Sligo artists, which will be for sale when Bloom is over. Sculptor Martha Quinn is creating a stone piece entitled 'The Waters and the Wild'; ceramicist Colin Scott is doing a representation of 'The White Birds'; artist Robert Forrester is making an engraving of Lissadell and textile artist Mary Cronin is creating 'The Cloths of Heaven' to be used as a sun-shield.

Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin Garden

By Kildare Growers, designed by Anthony Ryan with Kieran Dunne 


This garden is presented at Bloom by the Kildare Growers Group, facilitated by Kieran Dunne (L&K Dunne Nurseries) and designed by Anthony Ryan (Landscape Architect). It's a contemporary garden incorporating multiple viewing points for various perspectives of the garden. There is a simple, soft-flowing theme, leading to a two-tiered structure with a lower-level retreat and an upper-level viewing sun-trap platform - a reflective, relaxing alcove while also providing a higher-level dramatic point of interest within the garden. A controlled subtle softening within an extensive plant selection from the Kildare Growers range will wrap the garden with texture and colour. Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin is Ireland's largest paediatric hospital. A key part of this care relies on public support. The intention is that the garden at Bloom will further raise awareness by garnering public interest and curiosity.

Our Origin Is Green

Sponsored by Savills and designed by Jane McCorkell


The garden concept for 'Our Origin is Green' has developed from a Celtic knot design of two dogs found in the Book of Durrow. Celtic design has been a source of inspiration for designers and crafts people for many centuries. The purpose of this garden is to demonstrate Celtic design through the use of modern Irish materials. The layout provides the garden user the opportunity to reflect and emerge on to a secure seating area. The path taken to this point can be on a secure path or over water by stepping stones. This journey represents the various paths Irish people have had to travel in the last decade, with the end result being a confident and modern Ireland.

Santa Rita - The Moment Is Yours

Sponsored by Santa Rita Wines and designed by Ingrid Swan


The garden is designed to provide space for entertaining and relaxing and to develop a relationship with nature. Each nook, seating area and feature offers the opportunity to create a moment, whether it be with friends and family or simply relaxing on your own. Ingrid is delighted to work with an organisation who also have their roots in horticulture. The garden exhibits plants with links to the Santa Rita Estate in Chile. One of the focal points within the garden is a beautiful potted vine. The bougainvillea is evocative of the bougainvillea that grows at Casa Real, the Santa Rita Manor House. The use of steel juxtaposed against the lush planting and fine finish of the garden is representative of the hard work and strength required to create things of beauty.

Sculpture At The Boatyard

Designed by Ingrid Swan and Ruth Liddle


This year the sculpture garden will take its inspiration from the coastal environment and the maritime industry of ship building. The garden will appear to be located in an old reclaimed boatyard. Abandoned elements of boats will rise up from the ground to create structure and enclosure within the garden. An artist's studio constructed from an 'up-cycled' shipping container will be the centre piece of the garden. This outdoor exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to walk through the garden, enjoying and interacting with over 50 sculptures from 40 of Ireland's leading artists. The planting design will reflect the maritime theme of the garden, with spires of flowers injecting colour.ascent into the garden.

Medium gardens


Sponsored by White Label Brewing Company and designed by Breffni McGeough


The concept is simple: the most efficient and effective ways to use a small site to grow essential ingredients needed in the brewing process. The name of the garden is derived from a base beer called Saison. This style of beer was normally produced specifically as refreshment for harvest workers known as Les Saisonniers in the Belgian region of Wallonia. Constructed almost entirely out of salvaged materials, it aims to illustrate how a medium-sized space can be used to both grow and produce craft beer of exceptional quality.

A Contemporary Expression

Designed by Declan McKenna


North Monaghan garden designer Declan McKenna is about to fulfil a life-long dream to showcase a show garden at Ireland's largest garden festival Bloom in the Park. The garden is called a contemporary expression and is based on what has inspired him as a young up and coming garden designer and his expression of a modern space. 

Specsavers Wonderful Awakening

Sponsored by Specsavers and designed by Karen Butler


"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living" - Dr. Seuss. Taking inspiration from the above quote, this is a magical, fantasy garden with hidden gems throughout making you use your eyes and ears, and realising how important it is to take care of them.

The Solus Garden of Light

Sponsored by Solus and designed by Alan Rudden


An elegant and contemporary garden enhanced by the creative use of light and shade. The garden has been designed to create intentional shade, so alcoves reflecting light can glisten through, even on a mid-summers day. A mixture of large, structured trees and straight lines will frame the softer elements such as the traditional lawn, pool and lush informal under planting of greens, whites and pastel yellows.

The PAN Garden

Sponsored by PAN and designed by Liat and Oliver Schurmann


The concept for the Pan Garden encompasses many of the themes of the new Peter Pan film. Looking through the garden, the viewer is taken on a visual journey. Firstly through a lush, tropical woodland, then a quarry-like landscape, planted with bonsai trees and miniature conifers. This leads to the water's edge, a semi-circular pond, with blue dyed water and a mirror as a backdrop. This mirror creates the illusion of an infinite landscape for the viewer. Above the mirror is a backdrop of the sky and the pirate ship as it flies towards Neverland.

Freddy Buttons Garden

Sponsored by Glenisk and designed by Fiona Dillon and Outside Options


Fiona created the Freddy Buttons series of food adventure books to introduce the concept of "real food" to young children. Working with award-winning garden designer Alan Rudden of Outside Options, the Freddy Buttons Garden will create a cottage style garden that is reflective of the books, which follow the adventure of the Freddy Buttons and his animal friends. Each of the six books focuses on one specific food and its source - chicken and eggs; bees and honey; goats and milk; home grown strawberries, apples and potatoes, all of which will feature in the garden. Tumbledown Cottage, where Freddy lives, is the main focal point in front of which there is a table and chairs where the family can enjoy dinners made from home grown produce on summer days.

Irish Country Magazine Garden

Designed by Fiann Ó Nualláin and Lisa Kelly


This garden explores the modern gardening lifestyle including alfresco dining, plants, fun elements, family and friends, health and wellbeing and the joys of getting outside. The garden is heavy on upcycling and inventive ways to create growing opportunities. The big concept is to create a garden that echoes the ethos of the magazine - inspire, inform, and indulge. The inspiration will be in the 'take home' nature of the garden - the leaflets, info packs, and the Bloom edition of the magazine will show how you can make many of the features at home.

Atlantic Youth Trust

Designed by Annmarie Bowring 


The purpose of the garden is to highlight the work of the Atlantic Youth Trust, their achievements and their future plans in the construction of a Tall Ship concept as well as the Atlantic coast of Ireland, its flora and mood and the rocky wind swept shores. The garden will feature tall stone stacks, twisting with the wind, grey Liscannor slabs radiating their heat. There will also be dry streams, invoking memories of Co. Clare and the Karst landscape.


Sponsored by John West and designed by Hugh Ryan 


This garden will incorporate approximately 144 stiletto heels. The garden will be black and white, with a 'runway' style pavement running through the middle. A quote from shoe designer Christian Louboutin to consider: "I hate the idea of natural. For example, I prefer gardens to wild nature. I like to see the human touch. High heels are a complete invention - an extravagance. They're far from natural, but it's the impracticality that I adore. I prefer the useless to the useful, the sophisticated to the natural."

Super Garden Winner 2015

Sponsored by Woodies and Cuprinol

The winner of RTÉ One's Super Garden series will be announced during a special live final episode on Thursday, 28th May. The prize will be awarded to the designer voted Super Garden Designer 2015, and with it the life-changing opportunity to

re-create their design at Bloom and a chance to pursue a career in professional garden design.

The Pieta House Garden - Darkness Into Light

Designed by Niall Maxwell


Pieta House is a non-profit organisation providing a specialised treatment programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming. This garden is being created to lift the stigma that surrounds mental health in Ireland. The garden features a wall on which visitors to the garden will be invited to write affirmations or messages of support to loved ones. The walls in this garden are used to symbolise the stigma that surrounds mental health in Ireland.

The GOAL Garden - What you call a slum, I call a home!

Designed byJoan Mallon


The GOAL concept garden represents opportunities for and challenges to sustainable development. It reflects the many ways in which GOAL is working with people to help improve health, livelihood opportunities, and general quality of life. The garden is a snapshot of what can be achieved for families living in areas of the developing world where the challenges can appear insurmountable. It shows some of ways that people make the most of their urban living environment. Joan visited some of the GOAL projects in Mukuru, for inspiration.

Ronald McDonald House Garden

Presented by Dawn Meats and designed by Anthony Ryan


Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides a home away from home environment at Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, for families who need to be with their children in difficult times. This garden, presented at Bloom by Dawn Meats (a key supporter of Ronald McDonald House), is based on a 'keeping families together' theme. The garden will be a sanctuary garden that is warm and inviting for both adults and children. In difficult times, families like to be as close as possible together. The aim of the garden is that it captures and promotes an appropriate ambiance and awareness for the comfort provided by Ronald McDonald House.

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