Thursday 24 October 2019

A traditional Georgian shop and overhead house in Dublin city centre for €450,000

82 Capel Street in Dublin 1
82 Capel Street in Dublin 1
Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

What is it? This 1823-built traditional Georgian shop and overhead house was the tattoo parlour of John Larkin, AKA Johnny Eagle, generally held to be Ireland's first bona bide professional tattoo artist and its most renowned. The Eagle opened first for business in the 1950s.

Tell me more about the place...

Vacant since Johnny passed away in 2015 aged 86, it is a landmark building with lots of folk history and a great deal of street cred. There are three floors over the shop but no basement (that we know of).

The good news?

A historic landmark building in what is now a very trendy Capel Street where the Virgin Mary alcohol-free bar has just opened and the launch of a poitín-based cocktail bar is pending. An uncomplicated layout for renovation.

And the bad news?

The very top floor
The very top floor

The roof fell in and has recently been replaced but now the uppermost floor is teetering and threatening to land in on the lower spaces. The facade is also listed, so please don't drop it.

How much to buy it?

The Larkins would be happy with €450,000.

And to fix it up?

No82 needs stripping right back to the bones and everything done. So you'll likely need another €270,000, according to the builders who have already sniffed around it.

What will I end up with?

A one-bed duplex, a one-bed single floor apartment and a shop in a trendy location.

The very top floor

Who do I talk to?

Mark McKenzie at DNG (01) 830 0989 is showing the Eagle's nest but might not take you up to that very top floor (pictured above.

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