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A cliffhanger of a home: Are you brave enough to move here?


Not quite satisfied with a two-up two-down semi near your parents?

Can we interest you in an abode that may, at first, look more suited to Dr Evil or Batman?


How part of the interior has been conceptualised

The aptly-named ‘Cliff House’ hasn’t actually been built yet, but is a conceptual design by Australian architectural firm Modscape.

It’s a would-be five-story glass-fronted “modular home” that’s designed to be stapled into its precarious-looking position using steel pins.


A sketch of the five storeys

A sketch of the five storeys

A sketch of the five storeys

“Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship, a concept was developed for a modular home to hang off the side of a cliff as opposed to sitting on top of it,” Modscape says.

“The home is visualised as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape, creating an absolute connection with the ocean.”

It has three bedrooms, a BBQ area (this is Australia after all), a foyer, open plan dining-kitchen area and a carport at its top to provide access.

The company reportedly tried its hand at imagining such a vertigo-inducing home after being requested to do by a couple wanting a living space along “extreme parcels of coastal land in Australia”.

In fact, in the background of one of the images you can see what look like two of the limestone apostles off the coast of the southern state of Victoria.

However, what the homeowners would think of countless backpackers and family-filled caravans screeching up by their home on the Great Ocean Road is another thing.

Modscape adds: “Internally, the living spaces feature minimalistic furnishings to ensure that the transcendent views of the ocean and the unique spatial experience of the location remain the integral focal point of the design.”

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