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Home bird: Triona McCarthy's tips on how to be a Domestic Goddess

Are you a Domestic Godhelpus? Don't worry, Triona McCarthy has some top tips to help you morph into a Domestic Goddess

'Mother Triona'. Photo: Mark Conden
'Mother Triona'. Photo: Mark Conden
Clear perspex containers from TK Maxx
Prada Candy Kiss
Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette
Aura Mirabilis four-part range
Artisan by Wesley Reed Diffuser
Helena Christensen

Triona McCarthy

Are you a Domestic Godhelpus? Don't worry, our beauty buff has some top tips to help you morph into a Domestic Goddess

Triona's trends

Clear perspex containers from TK Maxx

The days are still short, I'm still as fat as a fool after Christmas and everyone I know is still on the no-drinking, no-eating, no-fun bandwagon! So I'm hibernating, and I thought I might as well embrace it and do a bit of sprucing up around the house, since I seem to hang out there so much at the mo.

Actually, since I've turned from Party McCarthy to Mother Triona after having Maxi and Mini, I've also morphed into a Domestic Goddess, having always been more of a Domestic Godhelpus.

So let's start with my favourite room, the bathroom.For a consistently clean, clutter-free bathroom, chuck what you don't use. You're never going to use that lumpy loofah you brought back from Turkey in 2003. Also, don't buy more than you can store. A 36-pack of toilet paper doesn't double as an art installation, so never start a second anything until you've finished the first.

Assign each product a specific storage space, so you'll know what you have and you'll know what you're out of.

Use clear plastic containers for storage. The clear perspex containers from TK Maxx, above, starting from €8.99, are great.

Finally, buy this beautifully scented Artisan by Wesley Reed Diffuser, below, €20, see It's a new Irish company, and I'm hooked on the exquisite packaging as well as the scent. Everyone who uses my bathroom comments on it. Artisan by Wesley does candles as well. Just saying!

Artisan by Wesley Reed Diffuser

Triona's trick

While everyone I know seems to be obsessed with cleaning their make-up brushes, you might want to clean your hairbrushes as well, as they can be full of germs, dust, hairspray dry shampoo and old hair and oils. Disgusting, right? Simply add half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of warm water to a bowl and soak all your brushes in it for half an hour.

Choose me

Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette

"And I'd choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you."

Thank you, Kiersten White, for that quote. As well as thinking of Will and being all soppy when I read that, as this is a beauty page, I'd also choose this Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye & Cheek Palette, above, €57.50, over anything else in my well-stocked make-up drawer at the mo.

The eyeshadows are just so . . . wearable, really. There are four eyeshadow shades. Champagne Shimmer Wash is the perfect base, while Golden Pink Metallic and Champagne Truffle Shimmer Wash make my eyes pop! I use an angled brush with the Black Chocolate shade to fill in my brows, then I dampen the brush to use the same colour as an eyeliner. The blush shade, Nectar, a soft pink, is a colour that suits everyone.

So choose this palette if you're on the lookout for a new one!

Fairy godmother

Helena Christensen

Dr Jane Mulrooney is my face's Fairy Godmother! Let me explain. I've always said I've skin like an old boot. Not any more! I had the worst reaction ever after a facial - my whole face practically peeled off.

I rang Jane in a panic. "My face is my fortune and now it's falling off!" A bit dramatic, I know! Anyhoo, she told me to call into her in her office, where she explained how I could get my skin back to looking like Helena Christensen's, above!

This is why Jane, along with her sister, Katherine, are Ireland's leading dermatologists: basically, they are professional, yet also very personable.

Dr Mulrooney Clinic, 69 Eglinton Rd, Donnybrook, D4, tel: (01) 441-0188, or see

Triona's most wanted

Aura Mirabilis four-part range

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but before I met Will, I had another boyfriend. OK, there were many. Many, many men! One of them was with the band REM, so I ended up touring around Europe with them. The lead singer, Michael Stipe, was afraid of flying, so preferred trains and buses, would you believe.

While we were in Paris, staying in Hotel Costes, we got to talking about the soap in the rooms. This was my first introduction to Roger & Gallet, which the boys were big fans of.

The French fragrance house is most famous for making beautifully scented beauty and bath products. However, they have just launched their first ever skincare line, Aura Mirabilis, containing 18 distilled plants.

The four-part range, below, from left, includes an Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask, €20, an oily cleanser that emulsifies with water, and can also be used as a detoxifying mask.

Then there's the smoothing and refining Beauty Vinegar, €20; and a light but powerful Double-Extract treatment, €55, which restores the skin's barrier, corrects irregularities and adds radiance. Finally, there's the Legendary Cream, €45, to rehydrate the skin while boosting radiance and texture, so we can all be, eh, shiny, happy people!

Cult product

Prada Candy Kiss

I absolutely adore everything Miuccia Prada designs, so when the house of Prada launched Prada Candy Kiss, above, €65, I had to have it. It's part of the Prada Candy family of playful gourmand scents, which includes Prada Candy L'Eau and Prada Candy Florale.

Not only does it look scentsational in a bathroom selfie, it's also a feminine, flirty fragrance with musk, orange and vanilla - and, yes, I'm addicted.

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