Wednesday 20 November 2019

Woman who ate yoghurt made out of bacteria from her vagina surprised by negative online comments

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An American student who hit the headlines after making batches of yoghurt from bacteria found in her vagina has said she is surprised by the negative backlash she received online.

Cecilia Westbrook, a student at the University of Wisconsin, said she had to ignore the abusive comments that were aimed at her after the results of her unconventional experiment were shared with the general public.

“With regards to the internet comments some of them were pretty nasty and I realised straight away I should stop reading them,” said Westbrook speaking on Newstalk’s Sean Moncrieff Show.

“As far as people communicating directly to me I got nothing but positive messages and feedback from people who were interested in it.

“As a medical student a lot of things that might gross people out don’t necessarily gross me out,” she said.

In February, the PHD student revealed that she had tried and tested yoghurt made from healthy bacteria Lactobacillus after taking swabs from her own vagina.

“I added some of my own secretions into the boiled milk. I pretty much put the oven on warm and left in there.

“I had made about a bowl, if you left it longer you could get as much as a quart.

“It tasted like yoghurt but it had a taste of sour milk. The second time I tried the experiment it was just like regular yoghurt,” she said.

Despite the international attention the student has received following the experiment, the student said she probably won’t be whipping up her recipe again in the future.

"I think I’m probably done for now,” she told Moncrieff.

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