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Week Six: Karl Henry's 10 steps to turn your health around


Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Karl Henry military press 1

Karl Henry military press 1

Karl Henry military press 2

Karl Henry military press 2


Karl Henry

Now that you are getting fitter, you're getting healthier and you're feeling better, I want you to continue to get the very best from your training.

So I am going to help you to avoid the results plateau that hits so many people when they begin to exercise. Initially when you start exercising, your body changes quite fast.

Now that you are getting fitter, you're getting healthier and you're feeling better, I want you to continue to get the very best from your training.

You see results quickly and it is very motivating. But after a few of weeks, generally around now for those of you who have been following the steps from the start, those results start to stabilise.

All of a sudden you aren't seeing your weight go down or your measurements change. This is one of the main reasons that people fall off the wagon. But it won't happen to you if you follow Step 6.

Step 6 is all about effort levels. We touched on this during the cardio step but I will recap here. Constantly pushing your effort levels during your workouts is the best ways to ensure that you continue to get results.

The fitter you get the harder you have to work to get the benefits.

As I have said in the videos from the start, every session you do should aim to hit the talk test point at least, no matter what workout you are doing.

You should be slightly out of breath but still able to just about hold a conversation. This is around 70pc of your heart rate max, the zone at which you gain maximum results. So remember, this is the minimum you should be aiming for in every session that you do.

Those of you who feel they are fit enough can try using using High Intensity Interval Training. This style of training is even more beneficial but you need to check with your doctor if you haven't trained before.

HIIT means you train as hard as you can for a period of time - 60/90/120 seconds and then you have a recovery time of around the same duration.

During the hard interval you are working as hard as you possibly can and then you get to recover on the easy interval.

It's a great style of training but so is the talk test point, if you use it honestly. Make sure you are always pushing yourself as hard as you can - whether it is in your cardio or your resistance sessions.

Speaking of your resistance sessions - you now have six exercises in your arsenal. For at least one workout this week, I want you to do four sets of each of the six.

A set is each exercise performed for one minute before moving on to the next one. You will do this four times on at least one of your resistance sessions. Push yourself hard in the cardio also and don't forget to perform your fitness test.

We should be seeing big improvements by now. Keep up the good work!

Week 6 food task

Add citric acids. Have half a lemon or lime in warm water in the morning or squeeze lemon or lime juice over your salads. Its great for digestion.

Five ways to exercise better

1 mix it up: The body is a machine that adapts to change. The more you change the exercises you're doing, the better the results you will get. Keep researching exercises to increase your knowledge and mix them into your sessions.

2 reduce your rest times: Many people take far too much rest time when they train, increasing the time spent in the gym and reducing the effectiveness of the session too. Pick a number for your rests and stick to it, so for example 30 seconds or 15 seconds.

3 time your workouts: How long does your current workout take you? Well one way of improving is to get the same session done in a faster time while keeping your technique correct. Working against the clock can be a great way to improve the effectiveness of the session.

4 change your route: For your cardiovascular sessions, you should change the route as often as you can. Head for the hills or find an undulating route, reverse your current route, basically just try to change the gradient profile as often as possible.

5 train with someone fitter than you: Another way to mix up your exercise routine is to train with someone who is fitter than you are. You will work harder, do new exercises and get better results as you try to keep up with them!

Week six: summary

Check your weight, waist measurement and your fitness levels to measure your progress.

Up your efforts on resistance and try and do the six exercises you have learned during your resistance workouts. Always work to your ability and take breaks. Check with your doctor before any new exercise programme.

Add citric acids to your diet and eat good fats. Eat oats or eggs for breakfast, have greens with at least two meals and swap your white food for brown.

Exercises at a glance

Tuesday: Resistance - 4 sets: Military press, side lat raises, tricep dip, side leg raises, static ski squat , Table press-up. Perform each for one minute = one set.

Wednesday: Fitness test

Thursday: As Tuesday

Friday: Cardio (running, walking or tennis, etc)

Saturday: As Thursday

Sunday: Cardio

Monday: Rest

Exercise of the week: Military press

What you need: dumbells or water bottles

Frequency: Perform the exercise for one minute continuously

Start with feet shoulder width apart, back straight and belly button pulled into spine. Hold dumbells at your shoulder

Simply press towards the ceiling, extending the arms and avoiding arching your back. Then return to the start position and repeat for 60 seconds

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