Friday 23 August 2019

Week 3

Russian Twist
Russian Twist
Russian Twist

You're halfway through! You should start to notice some changes to your body and fitness levels now. The programme intensifies slightly, with an extra round and a few extra reps after each exercise. We want to keep pushing you out of your comfort zone. This week, write down one goal you want to achieve by the end of the week, whether it's to do with your workouts, or eating more healthily. Again, record these in your diary. You should have dates set - records of how you're feeling and, now, goal setting. Your motivation levels should be sky-high. Don't forget your extra sessions.

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Workout 1

Focus on arms + back

Warm up

Jumping Jacks on the spot for 30 secs

Walking plank x 10 reps (see week 1)

Press-ups x 5 reps

Repeat x 3 rounds


Squat thruster x 12 reps (as week 1)

Shoulder press push-up x 12

Plank twists x 12 reps (as week 1)

Burpee jumps x 8-10 reps

Repeat x 5 rounds

Rest: 45 secs rest after each round

Finisher: Core - Week 3

Sit-up punch for 30 secs

Russian twists for 30 secs

V Crunch for 30 secs How to: sit with knees bent, feet off floor. Brace abs and slowly lower torso so head and shoulders are off floor. Simultaneously, lift and straighten legs out in front of you to about 45 degrees from floor, stretching arms out straight. Hold and slowly return to start position, using abs.

Rest: Complete back to back with 40 sec rest after each round of 3

Workout 2

focus on legs + cardio

Warm up

Jumping Jacks x 20 reps

Walking plank x 10 reps (as week 1)

Wall press-ups x 5 reps (as week 1)

Repeat x 3 rounds


Squat jump x 15 reps How to: stand with feet shoulder width apart. Squat, then engage your core and jump explosively, arms stretched to ceiling. Land back in a squat but with control. Return to start.

Lunge jump x 15 reps How to: stand with feet one in front of the other, knees bent but not in deep lunge. Engage core, and push into both feet to jump into the air and scissor legs in mid-air. Land with other leg in front, and repeat without pause on the other side.

Bear crawl twist x 10 reps

Fast feet on the spot for 40 secs

Repeat x 5 rounds

Rest: 45 secs rest after each round

Finisher: Core - Week 3 (as above)

Workout 3

focus on full body

Warm up

Ice skaters for 30 secs (see week 2)

Front kicks x 10 reps (see week 1)

Front punch for 30 secs (see week 1)

Repeat x 3 rounds


Twist mountain climbers x 30 reps

Tricep dips (on chair) x 15 reps (as week 2)

Glute kickback x 15 reps How to: start by kneeling on mat with hands under shoulders. Lift right leg up, knee bent, thigh in line with the back and contract glutes. Hold, then replace on mat. Repeat on other side.

Glute bridge x 15 reps Repeat x 5 rounds

Finisher: Core - Week 3 (as above)

Twist mountain climber

Start in push-up position. Lift one knee towards your chest, and across the body to the opposite elbow, maintaining the push-up position. Straighten the leg back to start, and repeat on other side.

Glute bridge

Lie on your back, feet on floor, knees bent. Squeeze glutes and lift bum off the floor to make a straight line from shoulder to knee. Release slowly to ground.

Sit-up punch

Lie down with knees bent, feet on floor. Brace your abs, sit up and punch across your body, right, left, right, left for 30 secs. Lower slowly to ground.

Russian twist

Sit with knees bent, feet on floor. Lean back, and at the same time, lift feet off floor a few inches. Keeping spine straight, twist to the right, then middle, then left, back to middle. Keep going for 30 secs. Modify by keeping feet on floor, or boost by using a weight.

Bear crawl twist

Start with hands and knees on mat, then lift the knees, and twist to kick the right leg under the torso to the left, as you lift the left arm off the mat. Return to start, and repeat with the left leg and right arm.

Shoulder Press push-up

Start in plank position. Then walk feet in so that hips are pointing upwards, and weight is in the shoulders. Bend the elbows into a press up and repeat movement.

Burpee Jump

Stand straight, then lower into a squat, hands on the ground in front of you. Kick feet back into push-up position, and lower into push-up. Jump feet, forward into a squat. Jump up with hands to the ceiling, and back to start position.

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