Thursday 19 September 2019

Week 2

Lizard stretch
Lizard stretch

Now the workout starts to become more fun. Your goal this week is to try something new for your free style session, whether that is a yoga class, spinning, or a running club. Even if you are not a member, many gyms will allow you to enlist solely for a class. Slot it into the diary. This week, your body is still easing into your new healthier lifestyle, so you may feel some muscle aches. The format for the workouts stays the same, but your core finisher contains three new exercises. Make sure you note them down and finish every workout with them. Please modify the workout to suit your ability, and take any extra rest breaks when needed.

Workout 1 - focus on chest + shoulders

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Warm up

Arm circles for 30 secs

Jog on spot/arms above head for 30 secs

Plank arm raise for 30 secs How to: start in plank. Raise right arm to shoulder height, lower. Then raise left arm, lower. Repeat this motion, keeping hips as still as possible.

Repeat x 3 rounds


Wide press-ups x 10 reps How to: complete a press-up but keep arms wider than usual

Tricep dips x 10 reps How to: sit on edge of chair or bench. Place hands, fingers facing forward, on chair behind you. Slide off and with legs extended, lower towards floor bending elbows. Return to start point slowly

Walking plank x 10 reps (as week 1)

Plank shoulder taps x 10 reps

Repeat x 4 rounds

Rest: 1 minute after each round

Finisher: Core - Week 2

Side plank - hold for 15 secs each side How to: lie on your side with your forearm on the ground, elbow under shoulder. Legs extended. Engage core and lift hips. Modify by bending knees.

Crunch for 25 secs How to: lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place hands behind your head, elbows out. Curl up and forward so head and shoulders lift off the ground. Hold and lower slowly to ground

Reverse Crunch for 25 secs (as week 1)

No rest time: Complete back to back - 1 min rest after each round of 3

Workout 2

focus on legs + cardio

Warm up

Lizard stretch x 5 reps

High knees for 30 secs

Bum flicks for 30 secs (as week 1)

Repeat x 3 rounds


Jumping Jacks x 20 reps

Plank leg lift x 10 reps each side

Squats x 15 reps

Fast feet on the spot for 40 secs

Repeat x 4 rounds

Rest: 1 minute after each round

Finisher: Core - Week 2 (as above)

Workout 3

focus on full body

Warm up

Ice skaters for 30 secs

Bum flicks for 30 secs (as week 1)

Plank hold for 10 secs

Repeat x 3 rounds


Walking lunge x 10 reps How to: standing, take a big step forward with the right foot so that the knee is over ankle, and left knee is bent and near the ground. Now bring the left leg to meet the right foot and stand, then step forward with the left foot, and repeat.

Plank toe taps x 10 reps

Mountain climbers x 30 reps (see week 1)

High knees/arms raised x 30 reps Repeat x 4 rounds

Finisher: Core - Week 2 (as above)


Plank leg lift

Start from plank position and lift right leg, hold and lower slowly. Repeat on other side. Modify

by starting on forearms.


Lizard stretch

Start in plank and step the right foot to the outside of your right hand in line with your fingers. Lower onto your forearms and stretch back into your left heel. Lift onto palms and return the right foot to plank. Repeat on other side. Modify by staying on hands not forearms, or just one forearm.


Plank toe taps

Start in plank position. Tap one foot to the side about a foot away, then return to start, and repeat with other foot.

Plank shoulder taps

Start in plank position, lift the right arm off the ground and tap the left shoulder. Return hand to ground. Repeat on other side.

Ice skater

Stand up straight, then jump to the right foot, knee slightly bent, and reach down towards the outside of your right foot with your left hand. Repeat on left side.

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