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Saturday 25 May 2019

Week 1

Plank commando
Plank commando
Plank commando
Bum flick
Mountain climber
Mountain climber
Plank Twist
Squat Thruster
Plank Twist

Let's get started. Follow the daily schedule on page 2. Week 1 is aimed at a low to moderate effort, just enough to experience muscle soreness, which is totally normal and a sign that your body is adjusting to the workouts. It will get easier. It takes four weeks for you to see your body changing, it takes eight weeks for your friends and family to see it, and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Keep going. Your workout should take you 35-45 mins, depending on your level of fitness. Do each workout once this week and follow the schedule. Make sure you include rest days, Bonus session or free style and LISS session.

Workout 1

Focus on arms + back

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Warm up

Jumping Jacks on the spot for 30 secs

Walking plank x 10 reps How to: start in plank position, hands beneath shoulders, hips raised. Then, slowly walk hands forward, keeping hips level and maintaining form. Return to start position. Modify by bending knees to ground, ankles crossed.

Wall press-ups x 5 reps How to: stand with hands shoulder height on wall, press body in and out

Repeat x 3


Plank Twists x 10 reps

Squat Thruster x 10 reps

Plank commandos x 10 reps

Front punch for 30 secs How to: stand with one leg slightly in front of the other, knees bent. Arms up at shoulder height. Make a fist and punch forward like a boxer. Repeat x 3 rounds

Rest for 1-2 minutes after each round

Finisher: Core - Week 1

Sit-ups for 20 secs

Plank toe-taps for 20 secs (see week 2)

Reverse crunch for 20 secs How to: lie on your back, legs straight as possible in the air, hands by sides. Push heels upwards so your bum comes off the ground, lower back and bum to the ground. Repeat x3.

No rest time Complete back-to-back - 1 min rest time after each round


Workout 2

Focus on legs + cardio

Warm up

High knees for 30 secs How to: Run on the spot, lifting knees as high as possible.

Squats x 10 reps

Bum flicks for 30 secs

Repeat x 3 rounds


Reverse lunge x 10 reps How to: stand upright, then take a big step backward, so your front thigh is parallel to floor, knee over ankle. Push back off your front foot to come back to start position.

Opposite arm/leg raise x 10 each side How to: start on hands and knees. Simultaneously, lift one arm and opposite leg, stretch. Lower to ground, and repeat on other side.

Burpee Jump x 5 reps (see week 3)

Ankle taps for 30 secs How to: stand with slight bend in knee, lift left ankle to right knee or thigh, and touch with right hand. Lower, and repeat on other side. Do as fast as you can. Repeat that movement as fast as you can.

Repeat x 3 rounds

Rest 1-2 minutes after each round

Finisher: Core (as workout 1)


Workout 3

Full body

Warm up

Ice skaters for 30 secs (see week 2)

Front kicks x 10 reps How to: stand with feet hip width apart. Lift right leg up and kick, knee slightly bent, and return to ground. Repeat with left.

Plank hold for 30 secs

Repeat x 3 rounds


Mountain climbers x 10 reps

Shoulder press push-up x 10 reps (see week 3)

Forward lunge x 10 reps How to: from a standing position, take a big step forward, front knee over ankle, and back knee bent. Step feet together again and repeat on opposite side.

Plank shoulder taps x 10 reps (see week 2) Repeat x 3 rounds Rest 1-2 minutes after each round

Finisher: Core (as workout 1)

Plank commando

Start in plank position on forearms. Push up on left side to straighten arm. Repeat with other arm to bring to straight arm plank. Bend back on to forearm, one side at a time, keeping back straight. Modify by keeping knees bent throughout.

Plank twist

Start in plank, then pivot to one side and raise that arm up straight. Return to start, and repeat on other side. Modify by doing with forearms or knees on ground.

Mountain climber

Start in push-up position. Lift one knee towards your chest, and across the body to the opposite elbow, maintaining the push-up position. Straighten the leg back to start, and repeat on other side.

Bum flick

Run slowly forward with short steps, kicking feet up to flick bum.

squat thruster

Stand straight, drop into squat with hands to ground. Kick or step feet back into plank. Jump or walk feet back to squat. Return to squat.

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