Monday 23 October 2017

WATCH: Adorable little boy with Down syndrome getting a haircut is melting hearts across the internet

Kat Abianac and Parker Myles. Image: ParkersPlaceAustralia/Facebook
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

An adorable video of a young boy with Down syndrome getting his hair cut has stolen hearts around the world.

Three-year-old Parker Myles stole hearts around the world when a sweet video of him getting his hair cut was posted online.

Parker, from Australia, usually struggles to sit still when getting his hair cut, but this time was different.

Parker sat and smiled at himself in the mirror as his hair was cut, and his mother Kat Abianac told it was the first drama-free haircut they ever had.

Kat Abianac and Parker Myles. Image: ParkersPlaceAustralia/Facebook
Kat Abianac and Parker Myles. Image: ParkersPlaceAustralia/Facebook

"This was the first drama free haircut we've had- ever! He loved it," she said.

"I applied essential oils to his feet first to help him focus, and made sure he had lots of YouTube videos to watch. When his haircut was finished, Parker signed 'thank you' to the barber who signed 'thank you' back. He paid for his haircut, gave him a high five and made a break for the door!"

"Parker is so full of energy and life and brings a pure joy to anyone who meets him. People stare at him in the mall and walking in the street, as he is so expressive and adorable! With an incredible haircut, of course."

Parker has been modelling since he was eight months old and is currently the brand ambassador for a children's shoe company in Australia.

The video, which was posted prior to the final day of the US presidential election, came at the perfect time, said Kat.

"I love this video so much and I don't know why but I think it's so funny to get picked up on Trump eve when everyone is so anxious and tense! It is a gorgeous good news story though. His face in it just kills me!"

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