Friday 18 October 2019

When a bottle of wine became a nightly habit

Lucy Rocca, who was a heavy and binge drinker up to the age of 35
Lucy Rocca, who was a heavy and binge drinker up to the age of 35

Lucy Rocca never considered herself to be an alcoholic - she earned herself a law degree at the age of 35, her daughter was always on time for school, and she ran marathons.

She didn't have a naggin of rum hidden in her handbag. Instead her drink problem was popping a bottle of Chablis into her shopping trolley or going out to a wine bar. "I thought somebody who was an alcoholic was hitting the booze early in the morning, was in contact with social services, had been done for drink driving... But I lived in the suburbs."

However, Lucy was also drinking heavily - and often alone - and regularly suffered black-outs.

Her bottle of wine had become a "nightly habit".

After 20 years of problem drinking - without ever realising it was a problem - the turning point came four years ago when she woke up in an accident and emergency having been found unconscious lying on the footpath outside her home.

"I woke up in hospital covered in my own vomit and incredibly mortified," she said.

Since then Lucy, from Sheffield in England, has stopped drinking and set up the social networking website to reach out to other problem drinkers.

The website now has 4,000 Irish registered users and offers peer support for those who want to regain control of their lives.

Lucy added that "of the people who use the site, 75pc are women and most are university-educated professionals... wine is the primary culprit".

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