Saturday 19 October 2019

Time to weigh up your drinking habits

The Department of Health is introducing new measures to make it easier to monitor how much alcohol you're knocking back - and see how fattening it is.

Every bottle sold in Ireland will have to state the number of grams of pure alcohol it contains, as well as the calories, under new legislation to be published this summer.

An Irish "standard drink" contains 10g of alcohol - the equivalent of a small 100ml glass of wine, a half-pint of beer or a single measure of spirits.

However, higher strength wines or beers obviously contain more, so the new labelling rules will make this clearer, along with health warnings and advice.

In a week, the most a woman should drink is 110g of alcohol, while for a man the limit is 170g.

That adds up to 1.5 bottles of wine with 12.5pc alcohol, or six pints of beer for women; while for men, the low-risk limit is two bottles of wine or eight pints - but not all at once.

To complicate matters, the UK measures its units differently. Many drinks on sale here are labelled with UK units, with weekly recommendations of 14 and 21 units a week respectively for women and men.

Pubs and restaurants will also have to give information on alcohol sold on draught or by the glass.

Irish Independent

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