Tuesday 16 July 2019

Round of six: Most memorable drinks ads

Martini ad
Martini ad
Harp ad
Budweiser ad
Heineken ad
Guinness Ad

From James Bond to Sally O'Brien, the most memorable beer ads are recounted.

1 Martini - Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere (1970s)

No trip to the cinema in the 1970s was complete without this colourful ad that enabled audiences to escape to colourful sunny locations normally only populated by rich film stars and James Bond. It was credited with trebling sales of the brand across Europe.

2 Guinness Dancing Man (1994)

This was the beer commercial hit of the mid-1990S. The sight of Joe McKinney dancing maniacally while a pint settled was so popular that the dancer went on tour for Guinness. He later appeared in Glenroe as the property developer Dan Riley.

3 Harp Sally O'Brien (1980)

"You could fry an egg on the stones here, if you had an egg", - this 1980 classic, with Sally O'Brien "and the way she might look at you", set male pulses racing in an age when Playboy was still banned. Sally was actually English in real life. She was played by Viki Michelle, who also turned up in Allo! Allo!

4 Guinness is Good for you posters (1920s onwards)

The long-running slogan from the 1920s would not be allowed now because of the health claims. It was sometimes accompanied by the toucan rhyme: "If he can say as you can 'Guinness is good for you' How grand to be a Toucan

Just think what Toucan do."

5 Budweiser What's Up (1999)

You know an ad is a success when it becomes a pop culture catchphrase, repeated with annoying regularity in school playgrounds. It involves little more than a bunch of dudes sitting around watching the game saying "Wazzzzzzzzzup!" The commercial was so popular it was subsequently spoofed in teenage films like the Scary Movie franchise.

6 Heineken refreshes (1975-2005)

The Dutch brewers created comedy classics featuring the slogan "Heineken Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach", many of which featured narration by the comedian Victor Borge.

At one stage it even featured Larry Hagman's JR from Dallas donning a halo, and one memorable ad showed a woman getting elocution lessons: "The water in Majorca isn't always what it oughta."

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