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Touching organ donation advert "The man and the dog' will leave you in tears

DDB, the agency behind John Lewis's "Monty the Penguin" Christmas ad, have once again proven they are able to strike a chord when it comes to emotional advertising campaigns.

The agency's Argentinian branch produced a touching piece entitled “The Man & The Dog” for one of the country's top donor organisations to raise awareness about organ donation.

The advert, which the agency uploaded to their YouTube account on Friday, started trending worldwide and now has over a million views.

It tells the story of an elderly man and his dog who travel everywhere together. Even when he goes to visit the shops and his friends and the dog has to wait outside, his owner always returns with a pat on the head and a treat.

That is until one day, when his owner suddenly collapses and is taken in to hospital.

The man's dog gazes forlornly through the hospital door as he is is shut out of the building.


Loyal to his owner, the dog waits around the hospital grounds, in the rain and overnight.

As it appears all hope is lost for the man and his dog, the hospital doors open to reveal a woman in a wheelchair.

Her eyes meet the dog's, who lifts his head in expectation and runs forwards to greet her as the picture dips to black.

"Become an organ donor" reads the message - the subtle inference being that the woman's life was saved because the old man was on the organ donor register.

While it may not convince all people to join the organ donor registry, it's certainly made an impact on people watching.

You can find out more about how to join the UK's Organ Donor Register here.