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Wednesday 20 November 2019

'They wouldn’t even take me in IVF' - TV3 presenter Andrea Hayes 'overjoyed with happiness' on birth of baby Skylar

Andrea Hayes and David Torpey. Photo: Mark Condren.
Andrea Hayes and David Torpey. Photo: Mark Condren.
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

TV3 star Andrea Hayes has spoken of how she didn't think she'd have a second baby when doctors turned her away from IVF.

The TV3 presenter gave birth to her second daughter Skylar Grace Torpey last week.

Andrea had previously referred to her as her “rainbow baby”, because she'd suffered the heartbreak of three miscarriages - two in one year.

“Our hearts are wrapped around our new arrival,” she wrote on Instagram last week.

“We are walking the line of gratitude and utter unconditional love. Multiple miscarriages teach you that not every pregnancy equals a baby at the end, so we are feeling absolutely overjoyed with happiness and are very grateful to Dr Peter McParland and the entire team in Holles street for all their support, expertise and excellent care.”

Today, Hayes told that she felt like she was “a miracle” because she Skylar was conceived naturally after a long road of health issues and multiple miscarriages.

“They wouldn’t even take me in IVF, when I went to get IVF they said unfortunately you have a very low number of eggs and the quality of the three eggs you have are very poor.”

“So they rejected me and then I had her naturally.”

“I said to my doctor with absolute confidence you will never see me again but thank you, you have been incredible, I am a miracle.”

“That just shows you the power of the mind I think, the mind can do anything I believe anyway.”

She added: “I didn’t think you could love another baby as much as you could love your first, it’s incredible and you just think it’s not possible.”

Hayes was diagnosed in 2015 with the rare brain condition, Chiari malformation type 1.

Previously, Hayes spoke about how her work with rescue dogs at Dog's Trust helped her through difficult times and the pain of suffering three miscarriages.

When she became pregnant with Skylar, the emotional scars of her previous miscarriages made it difficult for her to celebrate, she said.

“I have finally reached my milestone three months," she said last October. "I know I should be basking in happiness and that wonderful pregnancy glow but instead I am feeling very anxious and almost nervous of what tomorrow could bring,” she revealed in the Irish Mail on Sunday.

“I have lost three pregnancies, two in the last 12 months, each very different, and with every loss my heart broke and my spirit plunged into sadness.”

“My past experiences has left me fuelled with fear and I feel I have been robbed of that wonderful bliss I felt with my first child, Brooke, now six.”

“Although I am grateful, I am afraid to celebrate. I know my heart cannot cope with any more loss.”

“Our journey to this point was not an easy one, every step with my current pregnancy just reminded me of the pain I felt this time last year as I went with high hopes to Holles Street for my routine eight-week scan,” she said.

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