Wednesday 23 October 2019

'The best building I will ever do is my last one' - Dermot Bannon talks to Karl Henry about his life, goals and fitness

TV architect Dermot Bannon
TV architect Dermot Bannon
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

On this week’s Real Health podcast, Karl Henry discusses your mental wellness, how to improve it and treat it like your physical health, with expert coach, Neil O'Brien, as well Room to Improve's Dermot Bannon.

Neil outlines the three main areas you need to focus on and measure:

1. Mood management

2. Habit management

3. Resilience and recovery

‘Habit, discipline, structure and routine are probably the hardest things to achieve,’ explains O’Brien. ‘But start really small and basic. Injecting a tiny piece of discipline into one part of your life can have a positive knock-on effect in the rest of your life. I recommend you spend 15 minutes just tidying up and you will feel as good mentally as if you had done fifteen minutes of exercise.’

Dermot Bannon explains to Karl how he deals with stress and anxiety in his life, architecture and media work.

‘A trip to the sea for a swim is a great way to deal with the stress and strains of work-life. It’s my little refuge,’ he says.

He also talks about the importance of following your passion and how much he lives and loves architecture.

‘I love to be reading architecture books. The best building I will ever do is my last one.’

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Plus, why he has to just laugh at online abuse he may get, ‘I don’t believe the bad stuff and I don’t believe the good stuff.’

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