Monday 22 July 2019

The 10 food crazes to ignore this year - dietitian Orla Walsh

Bulletproof coffee
Bulletproof coffee
'Very low calorie diets are not sustainable'
Weight-loss teas

Orla Walsh

Every year, some of us jump on the bandwagon when it comes to food trends. Orla Walsh has the top 10 crazes to steer clear of this year...

When it comes to nutrition, no two people are alike. They not only have different bodies, but different mindsets. Sweeping recommendations do not work. However, when it comes to nutrition, it is a science and not an opinion. There is either evidence supporting a food or product - or there isn't. When there is evidence supporting a food or product, it's not always applicable to everybody. Fads are trends and often have no evidence behind them. Here's are my top 10 fads to drop in 2019!

Bulletproof coffee

Butter added to coffee is high in calories and is not a balanced breakfast or snack.

Taking random probiotics

Most probiotics do not have evidence supporting their use. Only a few brands have been shown to make it to your gut to help improve its function.

Apple cider vinegar

Despite having lots of perceived health benefits, the evidence is lacking.

Vegetable juice

To get the full benefit of vegetables, you really must eat them and not drink them.

Coconut oil

The evidence suggests that although coconut oil is tasty, it shouldn't be eaten as often as other healthy fats such as olive oil.

High-fat, low-carbohydrate diets

Why must it be high or low anything? Can trends not follow the evidence and support moderate amounts of everything?

Almond milk

Not only are some brands very high in sugar, almond milk is nutritionally inferior to cow's milk. One big downside is that it contains only minute amounts of protein. If vegan, soya or hemp milk is a better choice. If lactose intolerant, try lactofree cow's milk. Almond milk can be enjoyed for its taste, but it is not nutritionally superior.

Alkaline water

"If alkaline water worked, we'd be out of a job", report your kidneys.

Weight-loss teas

More likely to be a tea containing a diuretic or laxative. If you're after weight loss, the health benefits come from losing excess fat, not urine and poo.

Going vegan without preparation or thought

Vegan diets can be healthy if the nutritional gaps created from removing all animal produce are filled. This takes education and dedication. Going vegan without thinking it through can lead to serious health consequences.

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