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Teething trouble? Fixes to be found in the dentist's chair


Dr Morgan O'Gara of Blackrock Dental

Dr Morgan O'Gara of Blackrock Dental

Dr Morgan O'Gara of Blackrock Dental

According to Dr Morgan O'Gara of Blackrock Dental, the three main concerns amongst older patients coming to his practice are dealing with staining; updating dental treatments that might have stained or chipped; or realigning teeth in those who might not have had orthodontic treatment.

The easiest anti-ageing fix is tooth whitening. It is a simple, cost effective, non-invasive treatment, which Dr O'Gara says yields great results. "It transforms smiles and makes people look healthier, younger." Expect to pay around €295 for a package.

Instead of ceramic veneers, many people now opt for composite bonding to improve the shape and appearance of teeth. It is a more affordable, less invasive option. It costs from €200 per tooth; veneers cost from €600 per tooth.

"Nowadays people are a lot more conscious of maintaining their natural dentition, and favour minimally invasive treatments." This means more natural results which stand the test of time, as unlike ceramics, composite bonding is built around the natural tooth structure, explains Dr O'Gara.

Those who missed out on orthodontics as a teen, may wish to opt for Invisalign - this works like the classic 'train tracks', but is less visible as it uses clear gum shields. A course costs €3,000 including tooth whitening and retainers at the end of treatment.

Dr O'Gara also recommends replacing any missing teeth. Even if a gap isn't noticeable, it can still affect the entire mouth, resulting in drifting, tilting, and overloading. Liadan Hynes

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