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Tech vs tradition on balance Loss


Exercise can improve balance skills

Exercise can improve balance skills

Exercise can improve balance skills

Loss of balance is common in certain medical conditions and the elderly. This can contribute to falls and difficulty walking.

Simple exercise can improve balance skills and more are turning to Wii Fit Plus.

Dr Dara Meldrum from the School of Physiotherapy, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, looked at the use of technology versus the traditional approach to exercise.

It found that at while patients might enjoy their balance rehab more with a Wii Fit Plus, it didn't actually lead to better patient outcomes.

"It's interesting that the systematic reviews in the area of balance rehab are all finding that the use of technology is not, so far, superior to conventional treatment. It's not quite the holy grail we thought it might be.What our particular research did find though, was that patient enjoyment was substantially higher."

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