Sunday 25 August 2019

Take care with liquid detergents

Liquid detergant - safety cautions required.
Liquid detergant - safety cautions required.

A recent case where a young child ended up injured after mistaking brightly coloured liquid detergent capsules or sweets has highlighted the need for safety precautions.

They burst easily when they are wet and if the liquid is swallowed it can cause local irritation, vomiting and respiratory distress, warns the National Poisons Centre in Beaumont Hospital Dublin.

These items present a serious risk of injury to children. They should be handled only by adults. Store them out of sight and reach of children. Always handle laundry capsules carefully and with dry hands. Never allow children to handle them.

Keep these products in their original containers. Close the container fully after taking out a capsule and put it back in the cupboard straight away

If your child swallows any of the liquid/contents of a tablet or capsule, rinse as much of the detergent as possible from the child's mouth with water.

Do not make your child vomit. If the contents come into contact with your child's hands, wash thoroughly. If they get into a child's eyes, rinse them carefully with water for 10-15 minutes.

Call a doctor or the Poison Information Centre (01-809 2166) or go to the A&E.

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