‘Suddenly, I saw Dad again’: The technology helping those living with dementia

From ‘gentle, joyful’ videos and ‘family newspapers’, to AI-powered cognitive tests, many companies are working on new tools to help those living with dementia

Stock image: Maskot/Getty Images© Getty Images/Maskot

Kate NgUK Independent

There is a scene in the 2020 filmThe Father, starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, that is all too familiar for people caring for someone with dementia. In it, Hopkins’ character Anthony struggles to keep up with his daughter Anne’s (Colman) movements. One moment, she is bringing home dinner. The next, she is talking about moving to Paris with a boyfriend he doesn’t like. She’s in his flat. Suddenly, he’s in her flat. Her face shifts – she looks like someone he used to know, then a total stranger. Where is he? When is he?