Friday 20 April 2018

sene's top 5 fitness tips

1. Fuel your training and lifestyle by eating right for your metabolic type. Metabolic Typing is the system that identifies an individual's genetically based nutrition and diet requirements. There isn't one diet that is right for everyone, so to achieve optimal health, you need to determine what's right for you. I'd suggest having a read of William L. Wolcott's book, The Metabolic Typing Diet.

2. Choose physical activities or sports you love doing and use that as a reason to stay fit.

3. To build full-body strength more efficiently, do more compound resistance exercises instead of isolated exercises. Compound exercises uses more than one muscle group at the same time.

4. Supplement your training up by adding some fun plyometric movements and sprint training.

5. Music can set the tone, so make sure you have some powerful music to help get you in the zone.

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