Thursday 26 April 2018

Say no to (7) spoons of sugar

Most of the sugar we eat is hidden
Most of the sugar we eat is hidden

Ideally, adults, and children over the age of 11 should not be consuming more than 30g, or seven spoons, of sugar a day. But as we know, most of the sugar we eat is not added but hidden in different foods and drinks.

Savoury foods may seem deceptive but they can contain significant amounts of sugar.

• Tomato ketchup (27.5g/100g)

• Stir-in sweet and sour sauce (20.2g/100g)

• Salad cream (16.7g/100g)

Also, look at the labels in low-fat yoghurts which can have a lot of sugar to compensate for flavour.

• Fruit yoghurt (16.6g/100g)

• Fruit fromage frais (13.3g/100g)

Other examples of sweet offenders include:

• Iced cakes (54g/100g)

• Chocolate-coated biscuits (45.8g/100g)

• Frosted corn flakes (37g/100g)

Other obvious sources include:

• Chocolate spread (57.1g of total sugar per 100g)

• Plain chocolate (62.6g/100g)

Also, remember sugar is sugar whether it's brown or white. And although they may be dressed up on labels, molasses and honey also count as sugar.

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