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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Pregnant women should 'beware of thrombosis'

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A new patient information leaflet is to be made available at maternity hospitals around the country on the risk of thrombosis in pregnancy, which involes clots in the leg or lung.

Professor Fergal Malone, Master, Rotunda Hospital, which is researching and developing awareness of thrombosis said: "Our next step is to ensure that all pregnant women in Ireland are aware of the risks associated with thrombosis and to ask their healthcare providers about individually risk assessment techniques."

The symptoms can usually, but not always, occur in one leg only. Seek advice from your doctor immediately if you feel one or more of the following symptoms in your leg:

● swelling

● pain

● warm skin

● tenderness

● redness, particularly at the back of the leg below the knee

Injections with low molecular weight heparin can treat the condition.

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