Monday 23 October 2017

Playing board games decreases dementia risk.

Playing board games decreases dementia risk
Playing board games decreases dementia risk

Age and genetic predisposition may remain the biggest risk factors for dementia cases like Alzheimer's disease.

But there are also factors that everyone can influence. High blood pressure and high blood sugar levels already occurring in middle age increase the risk of later contracting Alzheimer's by two to three times.

A balanced diet with a lot of leafy vegetables, fruits and fish keeps cholesterol values low, thereby minimising risks. And keep the brain fit by constantly exposing it to new stimuli.

One study showed risk of contracting dementia is 74pc lower in people who frequently play board games, 35pc lower in those who read intensively, 69pc lower in those who play a musical instrument and 41pc lower in those who do crosswords. Remain socially active, engage in social and leisure activities by volunteering, travelling, or joining social clubs.

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