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Pat Henry: Keep your goal in sight with 'landmine' list

Noting the things that might stop you achieving your targets is the perfect aid to staying on track, says our fitness expert

Pat Henry: It takes at least one month to form a new positive habit
Pat Henry: It takes at least one month to form a new positive habit

Pat Henry

As Forrest Gump would say: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get." Your health is a bit like that. Maybe it's because of years of not exercising, eating and drinking too much and suddenly you find yourself overweight and not feeling the best. Sometimes when you try to kick-start your life again you find it's not too easy. But don't give in just yet. It takes at least one month to form a new positive habit, one that your subconscious mind will accept.

So during the initial month of change it's really important to stick to your plan - whether it be exercise, eating better, taking time for you and so on. Just keep your end goal in sight.

You have to turn the mind into a sounding board for different levels of consciousness. It is divided into three levels.

Firstly, the conscious mind - this is what we live our lives through - we make decisions based on what our conscious mind believes to be true. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake. In the Gospel it refers to the darkness that 'covered the earth' which really is darkness of the conscious mind, and if we live continuously from our conscious mind it can only lead us to trouble.

The second level is the subconscious mind which responds to major thoughts and signals from our conscious mind. Just imagine that whatever you are thinking now is programming your subconscious. So if you are constantly feeding negative images to this powerful mind, it will oblige.

Your thoughts and images are implanted on to the subconscious, formulated and sent back to you by projecting whatever you programmed into your life. This is why it is said in yoga and many esoteric teachings, be careful what you wish for as you may get it. Let's say you are a worrier - again it is said that whatever you fear most comes about - so worry about something you want to happen.

Say positive affirmations every day and when you feel negative or depressed try daydreaming about what you would really like to happen. Set the torpedo towards your goal and practice letting go of your negative thoughts.

The third level is the super conscious which is where you go when you meditate or pray or practise mindfulness. It is the seat of all wisdom and power so be still and practise solitude and some day you will get a powerful feeling of being connected to something very special. So practise.

To help you on your way, as you may see every day like a minefield of tasks that you should avoid, simply draw up a list of things that stop you achieving your targets. Write them out clearly and number them 1-10 in order of importance. Do this in the evening before bed and when you rise the next morning read your list and start immediately making the changes that will help you become the real you. Don't make it complicated.

1 Avoid using microwaves. Remember you are giving this a trial day where you are doing something positive to make you feel better, so one day won't hurt.

2 Eat no food containing sugar, aspartame, fructose and palm oil. It may be difficult to find sugar-free food, but try at least and read labels.

3 Get up one hour earlier to prepare for your day.

4 Make your own lunch for a week. At least you will know what you are eating. For example, how do you know if those shop-bought salad eggs haven't been peeled for three months and delivered in a bucket of saline solution?

5 Get off the bus a few stops earlier and take a brisk walk to work.

6 Use the stairs instead of the lift all day when in work or do some exercise.

7 Sort out any disagreement you may have with a colleague or even your boss. Don't let the monkey stay on your shoulder. Does it matter if they rebuff your efforts? At least you are clear and can move forward. But clear up a misunderstanding before the day is out - verbally, not by text or email.

8 Try and remove from your bedroom any device that has radiation or high electric current flying around the room, such as mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computers and so on. These frequencies distract your sleep, so clear out such items.

9 Do one act of kindness. It may be paying for someone's tea or coffee, or telling someone you know that they look great.

10 Phone a friend with whom you have lost touch - and make someone's day. At the end of your day, take a look at your list and see how many landmines you have avoided in one day.

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