Sunday 8 December 2019

On a new year fitness blast? You're gonna need some new gear...

F&F Digital Print leggings, €20.50, Tesco.
F&F Digital Print leggings, €20.50, Tesco.
Active top, €18, M&S
Next Directory reflective running jacket (€44)
Seam-free performance top, €9, Penneys.
Slogan top, €6, Penneys

It's been just two weeks since the start of the New Year and if you've set yourself a fitness goal as part of your resolutions, you are hopefully getting into the swing of things. At this stage, people commonly begin to realise that the fitness clothing they thought would be grand for the job at the beginning might not be quite up to it in the long term.

The good news is that there are still plenty of deals to be had on fitness clothing, and we've taken a look at what there is on offer for a wide range of budgets and needs. Caitriona Redmond

Function and style

When running or exercising outdoors at night is your chosen sport, staying visible on the road is a number one priority. Your starting point can be a free high-vis vest and/or armband available directly from the Road Safety Authority on The exact route to ordering on their website is a little bit fiddly. Click on the Road Safety option on the menu-bar and then select "orders online" or if you're reading this article online, click the link above. You will need to register to get your first order approved, however this only takes 24 hours.

Admittedly a high-vis vest isn't the most stylish of options but the Next Directory reflective running jacket (€44, right) nails it from both function and style points of view. Made from moisture-wicking performance material, it also has mesh panels for breathability, and a zip back pocket. Available from Next stores nationwide, and online from

Good Foundations

Getting your base layer of gym clothing wrong can be a pain, literally, as seams and labels in the wrong locations can result in chafing rash or even blisters. F&F (Florence & Fred) active wear in Tesco have a wide range of leggings on offer. Pictured above are the "Digital Print" leggings priced at €20.50 and it's refreshing to see a pair of leggings that aren't just plain black. See selected Tesco stores (those that stock F&F clothing) for more information.

For the even more budget-conscious, Penneys have a number of seam-free performance tops costing just €9 (right), and again they're available in bright colours. Performance clothing items can also double-up as base layers, so they're perfect for skiing trips or Irish winter conditions. See Penneys stores nationwide.

Long lines

If your problem area is around the midriff, you might struggle to find a suitable longer line sports top. It's all very well to have a training top that stops at your waistline, but add some stretches into your daily routine and you'll be pulling at the hem of shorter tops in no time. Marks & Spencer have a long line active top (€18, below) which is quite a competitive price compared to more budget retailers. Available in M&S shops nationwide, as well as

Another option is to buy a second looser top-layer and this pretty slogan top from Penneys (€6, right) won't catch on your shoulders or arms as you work out. Penneys have quite a number of slogan loose tops in this price range.

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