Wednesday 23 January 2019

Nutrition guide: Week 5

Orla Walsh
Orla Walsh

Orla Walsh

In the fad diet arena, even fruit and vegetables aren't safe. Fruit has been deemed too high in sugar by some, while others claim that some vegetables are too starchy and should be avoided.

Truth is, all fruit and vegetables are good for you. On average, each 80 gram will reduce your risk of dying from anything by 5-6%. Huge gains from just one handful of food!

Although people should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, evidence suggests that it's a case of the more the merrier.

With regards to weight loss, a study followed the dietary habits and weight changes of over 100,000 people for up to 24 years. Results showed that an increased intake of fruit and vegetables led to weight loss over four years.

Similar to the scenario above, the study suggested that one extra piece eaten each day was good for you, but the more you ate the merrier!

For example, each piece of fruit, regardless of which one, led to 0.53 lb lost over four years, while berries and apples/pears had an even better impact, resulting in 1.1 lb and 1.24 lb of weight lost over four years.

Vegetables had a terrific impact on weight too. Each daily serving of vegetables led to a 0.25 lb weight loss over four years, while a daily serving of cauliflower in particular resulted in a dramatic 1.4 lb loss. So don't fear the fads - get munching!

80g of vegetables



Broad beans





Cherry tomatoes



Green beans






21kcal & 2g fibre

37kcal & 2g fibre

38kcal & 6g fibre

19kcal & 3g fibre

19kcal & 3g fibre

6kcal & 1g fibre

22kcal & 2g fibre

14kcal & 1g fibre

15kcal & 1 g fibre

8kcal & 1g fibre

18kcal & 3g fibre

17kcal & 2g fibre

10kcal & 1 g fibre

10kcal & 1g fibre

12kcal & 2g fibre

29kcal & 2g fibre

1 individual fruit

1 apricot (55g)

1 apple (130g)

1 banana (130g)

4 dried dates (3g)

2 dried figs (30g)

1 kiwi (55g)

1 peach (138g)

1 pear (104g)

1 plum

17kcal, 1g fibre

62kcal, 3g fibre

81kcal, 1 g fibre

81kcal, 1g fibre

68kcal, 3g fibre

23kcal, 1g fibre

46kcal, 3g fibre

42kcal, 3g fibre

40kcal, 2g fibre

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