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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Now we're halfway through the 100-day fitness plan!

The midpoint of 100 fit days is finally here. Yvonne Hogan reveals how she has stuck to the plan even while on holidays

Yvonne Hogan and Siobhan Byrne
Yvonne Hogan and Siobhan Byrne

Yvonne Hogan

We are officially halfway through! The rest of our 100FITdays will fly by, so now it is time to really knuckle down and get results.

As I write this, it is the last day of my holiday in Spain and I am pretty happy with how things went. I had a sneaky step on the scales for myself just before I sat down to write this and I don't seem to have put on any weight.

I will have lost muscle as I haven't been training as hard as normal, but I don't think I have done too much damage at all, thankfully. Of course the measurements next week will tell the real story.

Food-wise, I stuck to my plan, which was to be really strict with the food for two-thirds of the holiday, and then to indulge myself a little in the evenings towards the end, thus limiting any potential damage.

So for the first week and a bit I had eggs or a protein smoothie for breakfast - I brought my blender with me from home, as well as a couple of lunchboxes that have separate compartments for salad dressing and cutlery, and for lunch on the beach I had a salad with chicken breast.

I mostly had fruit for snacks - more than I would have at home, and for dinner, we either had a BBQ at home, where I had chicken or steak with salad, or we went out and I chose the sauce-less fish options with veg.

Then, for the last three days I loosened up a bit. I would have bacon with my eggs in the morning and for dinner I would go for more indulgent dishes like seafood stews and fish with sauce. And afterwards, I would have ice cream. Yum!

I had a gin and tonic before dinner another night, which went to my head a bit as I am not used to alcohol, so I knocked that on the head. I like to have my wits about me now that I have a small girl to look after.

Exercise-wise, I did the 100FITdays tabatas for 8 sets on the tabata days and for cardio I pushed my daughter up a very steep hill in her buggy. Real strongman stuff! I was going great for the first week and then my back went.

I have lower back issues that started when I was pregnant and they flare up every now and then when I lift my daughter from a bad position. I did a lot of that on this holiday, as she slept in the bed with us most nights and tended to roll to the edge of the bed. I would haul her back from a lying position myself, so it was only a matter of time before my back gave out. I took a break from exercise for the last few days to allow it to heal.

Anyway, I am off now to pack up my suitcases and head back to reality!

As always, any questions please email - or come and see me at the Irish Independent tent at the Ploughing Championships on Wednesday. I will be there all day and look forward to meeting you.

I will have lost muscle as I haven't been training as hard as normal, but I don't think I have done too much damage at all, thankfully

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