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New mum warns 'do not let anyone kiss your baby's mouth' after newborn ends up in hospital



A new mother is warning other mothers of the dangers of letting visitors kiss newborn babies on the mouth after her daughter ended up on a drip in hospital.

Claire Henderson gave birth to her daughter Brooke last August and hordes of friends and family came to visit to welcome the baby.

However, one of the visitors unknowingly transmitted the herpes simplex virus to the child when they kissed them on the mouth.

Days after returning home, Claire took her daughter back to the hospital as she was suffering from sore, swollen lips. Doctors confirmed Brooke had sores on her lips and in the back of her throat and put her on a drip for five days. As a precaution she was tested for brain and liver damage.

The herpes virus can be fatal to newborns. In rare cases it can get into a baby's bloodstream and cause meningitis.

Posting pictures of Brooke on Facebook, Claire wrote "The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborns mouth, even if they don't look like they have a cold sore - 85% of the population carry the virus".


Her post has been shared over 36,000 times and Claire says that she hopes "it has raised awareness and can help other parents recognise the signs".

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