Wednesday 25 April 2018

'Mummy's collapsed on the floor' - Five-year-old hailed a hero after saving mother's life Newsdesk and Agencies

A very brave five-year-old schoolgirl has been hailed a hero after she called 999 to help save her mother's life.

Young Sienna Adderley from Rugby.Warwickshire  was about to go to school when her 32-yera-old mother Katie collapsed and started shaking furiously in the kitchen.

The frightened girl picked up the phone and calmly told emergency services what the problem was.

"I can't wake her up. She is collapsed on the floor and now she is shaking. She is lying in the kitchen," Sienna said through tears.

Sienna will be commended for her bravery in front of a school assembly later in the week.

Her mother received treatment from paramedics and has since made a full recovery.


Sienna: I am trying to wake her up but I can't.

Operator: You are trying to wake her up but you can't?

Sienna: Yeah

Operator: Alright, Sienna, okay. We will see if we can get somebody round straightaway. Where is mummy now? Is she upstairs in bed?

Sienna: Collapsed on the floor.

Operator: She is collapsed on the floor?

Sienna: And now she is shaking.

Operator: Now she is shaking?

Sienna: Yeah

Operator: (to colleague) Okay, ambulance 58 please Natalie (to Sienna) Alright Sienna, just stay on the line for me. So where is mummy now then?

Sienna: She is lying in the kitchen.

Operator: Is she lying on the floor, is she?

Sienna: Yeah

Operator: Okay, alright Sienna. Alright, you keep talking to me. Are you able to open the door if policemen get there to let them in?

Sienna: No

Operator: You are not?

Sienna: No

Operator: Okay, is daddy there?

Sienna: No, he is at work.

Operator: Daddy's at work, alright.

Sienna: [inaudible]

Operator: You can't what, sorry sweetheart?

Sienna: [inaudible]

Operator: Is mummy talking at all?

Sienna: No

Operator: Okay, just bear with me a minute.

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