Sunday 18 March 2018

Mindful moment… Keep the conversation going

A good start is to keep talking to each other.
A good start is to keep talking to each other.

Just after the Paris bombings last November, I was standing at a bus stop in London. Two young guys were looking for a place to drink after hours and I gave them directions. They told me they'd just been to a gig and we chatted for a bit about nothing in particular.

Then, just as they were leaving, one of you young men, who could not have been more than 20, looked straight at me and asked: "Does it scare you?" "Does what scare me?" I asked. "What's happening in the world today," he said. I told him it did. "Me too," he said.

This weekend I was talking to an 84-year-old woman in the park. "I've never known the world to be as unhappy as it is today," she said. Quite something for someone who has lived through two world wars.

We are living in uncertain times. Scary times. From terrorism to Brexit to the plight of immigrants, it's hard to know quite what to do about it.

But I think that a good start is to keep talking to each other. To remember that we are all in this world and this life together.

* Marianne Power is the author of

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