Wednesday 21 February 2018

Mindful moment… Embrace the power of doodling

Doodling helps us concentrate
Doodling helps us concentrate

Marianne Power

When I was at school, I doodled on everything. Notepads, folders, books, nothing was safe from my butterflies, flowers and smiling faces. I would also draw pictures while watching television - mostly dresses I would make when I was a world famous fashion designer.

As a grown up, however, I don't doodle and the fashion designing has stopped. I work at a laptop instead of a notepad, and it never occurs to me to pick up a pad and pen in the evenings. But maybe it's time to pick up the pencils again.

The 'power of doodling' is now the subject of books, with psychologists finding that doodling helps us to concentrate, focus and listen better when in meetings and phone calls.

Research has found that just a few moments of creativity a day - whether that's doodling, playing music, or writing ditties - boosts our mood, making us feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

It doesn't matter if the results are any good, it's the getting lost in the moment that counts. And who knows, you might well be the next Picasso or John Rocha.

* Marianne Power is the author of

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