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Saturday 17 August 2019

My Happy Place: Niamh Lynch of 'Is Mise Niamh' blog

Niamh Lynch

Niamh Lynch of 'Is Mise Niamh' blog writes about her happy place for as part of the 'Mind yourself' campaign, together with the Irish Independent.

Everyone has a happy place, right? Whether it's an actual place on a map or that moment when you can finally enjoy your cup of tea. Be it physical or mental, having a place where you are completely calm and stress free is absolutely paramount.

For me, my happy place is anywhere near the water. Seas, oceans, rivers... (you get the gist). For some reason they bring me a sense of calm that can only be described as magical. As a person, I'm anxious most of the time and a constant worrier. Yet all of that seems to takes a back seat when I hear the tide coming in or a stream trickling through the forest.

All of life's little problems seem so small and irrelevant when you stand beside the ocean. I find it really puts things into perspective. You are one person. You can only do so much. The world isn't going to stop turning because you can't understand project maths, the sun isn't going to stop rising because you're late to a meeting... again. As seen above, rivers flow over rocks, branches and anything else that gets in their way. No matter how many things are in its path the water keeps going. So does life and so will you. I'm extremely lucky that I live beside plenty of walkways along the river so serenity is never more than a few minutes away.

Life isn't always a stroll in the park. More often than not, we let our worries and trivial everyday problems take the reigns. We subconsciously give them permission to cloud our thoughts. Sometimes it is completely necessary to clear your head by giving yourself a few minutes in your happy place, no matter how selfish that may seem. We can get so wrapped up in life that we never take time out for ourselves. We convince ourselves we're too busy and we can cope without it. Who wants to just 'cope' when we can enjoy life that little bit more by taking a break every now and then?

I went to a fantastic school, but mental health wasn't discussed openly. We were given leaflets upon leaflets of 'study skills' but where were the 'It's OK to feel overwhelmed' leaflets and 'Maybe you should take some time for yourself' leaflets? Everyone needs to be educated on mental health, young people especially.

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